Romeo BLE (Arduino Compatibile Atmega 328)


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Romeo BLE (Arduino Compatibile Atmega 328)
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Romeo BLE (Arduino Compatibile Atmega 328)

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Specifiche tecniche:
• Microcontroller: ATmega328P
• Bootloader: Arduino UNO
• On-board BLE chip: TI CC2540
• Transmission range: 70m in free space
• Support bluetooth remote update the Arduino program
• Support Bluetooth HID
• Support iBeacons
• Support AT command to config the BLE
• Support Transparent communication through Serial
• Support the master-salve machine switch
• Support usb update BLE chip program
• 14 Digital I/O ports
• 6 PWM Outputs (Pin11, Pin10, Pin9, Pin6, Pin5, Pin3)
• 8 10-bit analog input ports
• 3 I2Cs
• Two way H-bridged Motor Driver with 2A maximum current
• 5 Buttons
• Support Male and Female Pin Header
• Integrated sockets for APC220 RF Module
• Power Supply Port: USB or DC2.1
• External Power Supply Range: 5-23V
• DC output: 5V/3.3V
• Auto sensing/switching external power input
• Size: 94mm x 80mm

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