DC Motor Driver 2×15A - Lite


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DC Motor Driver 2×15A - Lite
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DC Motor Driver 2×15A - Lite

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This DC Motor Driver can be used in 4WD mobile robot platforms,Combat robots, smart car competition, to drive pumps, electric fans, conveyors, etc... This module uses 4 high-performance & high-current driver chips——BTS7960 with the function of current short, over temperature,over voltage protection. You can control 2 motors with only 4 digital IO at the same time. Dual [email protected] max output current,good responsiveness & braking performance. Four indicator leds are provided for easy and convenient debugging without motors.This DC Motor Driver module is directly compatible with Arduino.

DC motor driver
4WD high-power mobile robot platform
Combat robots
Electric fans


Input Voltage:4.8-35V
Maximum output current:[email protected] per channel
Peak output current:[email protected] per channel
PWM capability:up to 25 kHz
Interfaces:4 digital IO(2 PWM output include)
Driving mode:Dual high-power H-bridge driver
Other specifications:
Galvanic isolation to protect the microcontroller
Dual current detection diagnostic functions
Short circuit, overheating, over-voltage protection

For applications of more than 15A per channel
Fast switching might damage the board, best to smooth it by software
Avoid higher rating motors, and use lower PWM whenever possible

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