Arduino - IO Expansion Shield


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Arduino - IO Expansion Shield

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Arduino - IO Expansion Shield

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The new IO Expansion Shield V7 has arrived,from the best selling family of IO expansion shield for Arduino. For the past few years these expansion shields have been aiding thousands of makers to create,to expand, to share their sparkles of idea and ingenuity, and now comes the young V7.

The new IO Expansion Shield V7 not only heritages the advantages, but also enjoys numerous new features:

Compatible with the new Arduino Due
3.3V/5V operating voltage select
Switch for wireless communtcation & programme
More Easily recognitive interfaces
Colorful header for illustrating digital or analog pins
Immersion gold surface


Compatible with Arduino UNO,Mega,DUE...
3.3V voltage output interface
I2C interface
Support Xbee (Xbee pro)
Support Bluetooth
Support APC220
Support SD card read/write

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