Box porta componenti - 10 compartimenti


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Box porta componenti - 10 compartimenti
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Box porta componenti - 10 compartimenti

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This is a two-sided parts box for securely holding electronic components,screws,wires and any small parts in individual compartments. One side has 4 compartments and the other has 6. It's a great tool to keep your desk or workshop organized,so that you can find your components easily.


Material:Durable plastic
Overall Length:146mm
Overall Width:87mm
Overall Depth:42mm
Length of the bigger compartments:80mm
Width of the bigger compartments:34mm
Depth of the bigger compartments:14mm
Length of the smaller compartments:40mm
Width of the smaller compartments:34mm
Depth of the smaller compartments:14mm
Color: Translucent
Latch: Single one side

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