Bare Conductive - Pi Cap


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Bare Conductive Pi Cap
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Bare Conductive - Pi Cap

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If you haven’t heard, Raspberry Pi just released the Raspberry Pi Zero. We’re pretty excited! So excited that we’ve already made something for it. Introducing the Pi Cap. The power of the Touch Board on ANY Raspberry Pi. We’ve transported the power of the Touch Board from the Arduino galaxy to the Raspberry Pi universe.

What is the Pi Cap and how can I get one?
Imagine adding capacitive touch, distance sensing and audio output to a Raspberry Pi that you can hide in your pocket. We thought that would be pretty cool too. To create the Pi Cap we stripped down the Touch Board to its best features, capacitive touch, distance sensing, audio output and a super easy on-boarding experience.

The computing power of the Zero combined with the physical prototyping power of the Pi Cap will give makers a huge potential for interactive projects, music machines, amazing wearables and so much more. Turn your Raspberry Pi Zero into a music machine with polyphonic sample playback and modulation, connect buttons to your favourite games or create interactive wearables with high resolution inputs and rich audio and video outputs.

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